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October 23, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Call for Proposals

Proposals are invited for concurrent sessions of various types and lengths, as described below. Your completed proposal should be submitted no later than 6 p.m. on March 2, 2014.


  • Workshops, 60 minutes (W)
    Workshops aim to provide a forum for the collaborative development and discussion of ideas. They may be designed, for example, to demonstrate and critically examine a particular experience or practice, or explore an innovative partnership model. Proposals must include details on the ways in which participants will be engaged in meaningful activities and discussion around the topic.

  • Information sessions, 25 minutes (IS)
    Information sessions provide an opportunity to formally present a topic or issue. For example, one could showcase a particular practice, profile an initiative or partnership, or share highlights of the impact on student learning. The focus is on dissemination rather than on dialogue and exchange. Presenters should allow at least five minutes for questions and exchange.

  • Panel discussions, 60 minutes (PD)
    Panel discussions provide an opportunity for a team to present different points of view or approaches to a topic or issue related to the conference theme. Each panelist will have time for a short presentation inclusive of a brief question and answer period. Proposers should allow 15-20 minutes for discussion with the audience. Panels should have no more than four members. A panel moderator is recommended.

  • Poster presentations, (PP)
    Posters are a way to share information and outline research results, explore innovative and effective teaching practices, or contribute to theory-building in an interactive way. Although posters should be self-explanatory, presenters must be present for discussion during the one-hour poster session.


  • Please prepare your proposal using the submission form
  • Download the form and save it with the file name
    (Example: WRogersP would be a proposal for a workshop submitted by P. Rogers)
  • Submit your completed proposal as an email attachment no later than 6 p.m. on March 2, 2014 to


Students (graduate and undergraduate) who are presenting at the conference may be eligible for support to offset the cost of their travel to and from the venue.  If you would like to be considered for travel support please indicate (on your submission form in the "Other Comments"): the program in which you are currently enrolled as student, and the location form which you will be traveling.

Funds are limited depending on the number of applicants and will be allocated according to traveling distance from venue. You will be informed of your bursary when you receive your acceptance notification.


Proposals will be reviewed by three members of a blind peer review committee.
Proposers will be informed of the success of their submission by March 17, 2014.


Title (20 words maximum)
Provide a succinct title that describes your topic and its link to the conference theme. 

For each presenter and co-presenter associated with the proposal submission, include a 50 - 75 word biography. 

Session Format
Provide a brief rationale indicating why you selected the session type and the length for the proposed session.

Abstract (250 words maximum)
The review committee will evaluate how well your abstract accomplishes the following:

  • Provides a rationale for the selected topic and demonstrates how it relates to the conference theme.
  • States clear session outcomes.
  • Includes an outline of what delegates will experience and observe in your session. For workshop sessions, the abstract should give an idea of how participants will actively contribute to the session.
  • For panel sessions only, briefly outlines speaking points of each panelist.
  • Because the purpose of an abstract is to communicate key information clearly and concisely, the review committee will consider the style and language of your abstract.

Please identify all partner groups involved in your initiative.


Please contact if you have any questions.