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July 31, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Research on Active Learning Classrooms


The following websites and links provide more background and research findings on Active Learning Classrooms at different institutions across North America.

Active Learning at Other Institutions

Active Learning Strategies from the University of Minnesota
An excellent resource with suggestions for Active Learning activities, strategies, and ideas which may be helpful in planning courses in the Active Learning Classroom.

Measuring Student Success in Technology-Enhanced Learning Studio Environments
Read HEQCO's report on student success in Technology-Enhanced Learning Studios (Active Learning Classrooms).

MIT's T.E.A.L Classrooms
Learn about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Technology-Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms.

McGill's Active Learning Classrooms
Learn about McGill's Active Learning Classrooms.

North Carolina State University's Active Learning Environments
Learn about North Carolina State's Student-Centred Active Learning Environments for Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP).

Promoting Active Learning in Technology-Infused Learning Environments at the University of Iowa
Read the article from the Journal of Learning Spaces' February 2012 edition.

Shared Faculty Resources

Dr. Mercedes Rowinsky's Active Learning Presentation
Download Dr. Rowinsky's Powerpoint presentation on Active Learning presented on December 12, 2013.

Dr. Ken Maly's Active Learning Presentation
Download Dr. Maly's Powerpoint presentation on Active Learning presented on December 12, 2013.

Active Learning Classroom Annual Report 2012-2013
Read the report based on surveys administered to students and faculty who taught and learned in Laurier's Active Learning Classroom in its opening year.