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April 24, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Master of Arts in Theology

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"Waterloo Lutheran Seminary is an amazing place to be, especially as a mature student returning to study for a second career in Spiritual Care and Counselling.  I have found that the counselling and theology courses are a wonderful balance between academic learning and personal/spiritual growth.  Self-care is both taught and encouraged.  It is my observation and experience that the Seminary faculty and staff go out of their way to help students succeed in their chosen areas of concentration.  I am thoroughly enjoying my time at WLS."
--Laurie Blaikie, MA Theology: Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy

"Going to Seminary can be a difficult experience for some people. It can be harder than what is expected because of theological or personal issues that arise. What happens at this Seminary is you give birth to yourself, and that can be a very difficult and trying journey - but one you wouldn't trade for the world. Some journeys take longer than others (I was horribly green when I started mine over fourteen years ago), but each one reveals God's truth in God's time. At this seminary, there are people who serve as mid-wives at this birthing process. Thanks be to God! Being a non-counselling academic-stream M.A. student here has given me a freedom I did not expect to find. Within the first two months, I had what could only be called a personal epiphany - both my plans and my life changed dramatically. The professors value each student individually, giving the student permission to let their true selves be revealed. If someone had told me when I started that I would be planning to pursue doctoral studies in theology, I would have laughed at the sheer ridiculousness of the thought. Now I would see them as being prophetic. I did not truly know what I was capable of doing until I had one very powerful conversation with a professor here that did more for me in 90 minutes than various others in the last twelve years. The next thing I know I'm preparing for future studies with a hope and a confidence I did not have when I started. I believe I am better prepared now for what direction my life will take because of the people I have met here.  The words "thank you" are far too small to encompass my gratitude to the people here at WLS, but they are all I have."
--Adrienne Jones, MA Theology: Christian Studies

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About the Program

Students in the MA Theology program are admitted to and study in one of two streams: Christian Studies or Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy.

Christian Studies

This Master of Arts in Theology: Christian Studies is an exceptional program of theological studies designed for students not preparing for ordained ministry. Some of the required courses for this program are offered in the evening and during the spring term making it an excellent choice for the part-time students.

Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy

NEXT INFORMATION SESSION: November 15th at 4:00pm in room 201

The practice of psychotherapy is the assessment and treatment of cognitive, emotional or behavioural disturbances by psychotherapeutic means, delivered through a therapeutic relationship based primarily on verbal or non-verbal communication.

Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy is a unique form of therapy which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. Graduates of this M.A. program can proceed to be accredited, clinical psychotherapists with the additional skill set of engaging spiritual resources for emotional and/or relational healing and change.

Drawing on spiritual and religious resources, spiritual care psychotherapists and chaplains assist persons who are struggling with depression, grief, marital and family conflict, substance abuse and other issues. They also work with those persons who are seeking something more from their lives. Listen with your heart and discover the intimate link between spirituality and emotional well-being. This program will be in line with the membership requirements of the College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario (launched in 2013).

In as little as two academic years, you could complete the course work required to pursue counselling accreditation.  Several courses are offered in evening and intensive-model formats making this an excellent choice for commuting or part-time students.  Waterloo Lutheran Seminary offers the most extensive selection of programs in Spiritual Care, Counselling and Psychotherapy in Canada.

Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission include a Bachelor's degree with at least a B (73-76 percent) standing in the final academic year (ten 0.5-credit courses) from a recognized accredited university or university college. For students completing their final year of undergraduate study, the academic eligibility standard is the same but is determined on the basis of the last completed academic year.

For the applicants to the Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy stream, preference will be given to applicants with a minimum of four relevant courses (psychology, sociology, theology, religion & culture, etc) with grades of B or higher and one year paid or volunteer experience in human services.

Computer literacy is expected of all WLS students.

The MA program commences in September annually.  Full and part-time applications are accepted.  The priority application deadline for both streams of the MA Theology is January 15th.  The final application deadline for the Christian Studies stream is May 1st; the final application deadline for the Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy stream is January 15th.

Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

Applicants with a significant amount of practical experience, or those who have obtained graduate-level credit at other academic institutions may be eligible for credit or advanced standing towards their program.

To be considered, students may file a petition:

Program Requirements

The Graduate Calendar contains the most up-to-date program requirements, as approved by the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary Senate. The most up-to-date version can be found on the left-hand side of the Grad Studies homepage.

View the 2013-2014 Master of Arts in Theology for program requirements.

Student Resources

The WLS suggests that all students make an appointment with their Faculty Advisor to ensure they are on the path to graduation. Please bring a copy of your course summary (available on your LORIS account).

The Faculty Advisor for the Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy stream is Dr. Kristine Lund.

The Faculty Advisor for the Christian Studies stream is the Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson.

Application Instructions

Application instructions are below: