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July 29, 2015

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Expense Information for Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the information section of the Financial Resources website. Here you will find information that may be useful for faculty and staff.

Any questions can be forwarded to Ed Linder at

Expense Reimbursement

Please refer to the Expense Reimbursement Handbook for the rules and regulations governing expense reimbursement claims. All expense forms can be found online here. These forms are not to be used for expenses charged to a University P-Card, please use P-Card specific forms as indicated in the P-Card section below.

All expense claims should be submitted to Accounts Payable in a timely manner (within 30 days of the expenditure, or 30 days from the return date of a trip for travel expenses) using the proper form with appropriate one-over-one approval and with all supporting original itemized receipts. If a receipt is lost or damaged contact Accounts Payable before submitting the claim.

When at all possible, Laurier related purchases should be made using a P-Card, Web Requisition, or through an invoice to limit faculty and staff from having to pay out-of-pocket. Invoices can be submitted directly to Accounts Payable, with proper accounting information (index and account number), for payment to the vendor. However, if faculty, staff or student groups do require reimbursement for expenses, the following forms should be completed as relevant.

1) Meeting & Hospitality Expense & Invoice Attachment
This is a dual purpose form used for:

1. Invoice Payments- This form needs to be attached to all meeting and/or hospitality related invoices. Such invoices will no longer be processed unless this form is completed and attached.

2. Out of pocket expense reimbursement - Use this form to request reimbursement for meeting and hospitality related expenses.

This form replaces both the meeting expense form and the hospitality expense form. This is often used for working lunches, such as during the faculty recruitment process, and used for reimbursement of food, beverages, social and recreational activities for the purpose of entertaining university guests, prospective employees, students, benefactors or stakeholders.

Hospitality events should be for the development of relationships or partnerships that will advance the University's mission and must involve individuals external to the university.Original receipts are required.
Not to be used for expenses charged to a P-Card. UseP-Card Meeting & Hospitality Expense Report

Click herefor the Meeting & Hospitality Expense & Invoice Attachment.

2) Travel Advance Request Form
Used to request a travel advance to avoid paying travel expenses out-of-pocket. Must later be reconciled using a travel expense form, and no further advances will be provided until this is complete. Receipts do not need to be submitted with the advance request.

Click herefor the Travel Advance Request Form.

3) Travel Expense Claim
Used for reimbursement for travel expenses not charged to a P-Card. If air travel is involved, a boarding pass must be included. Complete page 2 first. Information will then automatically populate on page 1.

This is also the form used to reconcile your travel advance request. Include any travel advance amount received where indicated on page 1 of the travel expense form ('less advance' field). Original receipts are required. Not to be used for expenses charged to a P-Card. Use P-Card Travel Expense Report

Click herefor the Travel Expense Claim Form.

4) Cheque Requisition
Used for reimbursements other than travel, meeting, and hospitality expenses. Not for purchases made using a WLU P-Card. Must include original receipts with the business name and business address. Reimbursement is made through direct deposit or by cheque for vendors that have not provided direct deposit information. If a cheque is needed on the day of delivery, include a memo/letter including amount (CAD$/US$) and purpose.

Click herefor the Cheque Requisition Form.

Hospitality Expenses

Due to requirements as part of the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010, the University requires that additional information accompany hospitality expenses. TheMeeting & Hospitality Expense & Invoice Attachment must be completed and attached to invoices or receipts for food services and catering for hospitality events that are not ordered through WLU Food Services. Meeting expenses should also be submitted for reimbursement with theMeeting & Hospitality Expense & Invoice Attachment. Please refer to section 10 of the Expense Reimburse Handbook for more information on what is an acceptable hospitality event. One-over-one approval must be obtained for all hospitality events and is applied to the most senior WLU participant.

In circumstances where the one-over-one approval requires approval by the President or by the Board of Governors of the University, that additional approval will be obtained by Accounts Payable. Submission of the expense should proceed as normal to Accounts Payable, with indication of the most senior WLU participant. Approval from the appropriate signing authority for the hosting department/index is still required to allow payment to be processed.

Purchasing Card (P-Card)

The purpose of the Wilfrid Laurier University Purchase Card Program is to establish a more efficient, cost effective method of acquiring and paying for small dollar purchases. The program is designed to reduce departmental purchase orders, eliminate use of petty cash and personal funds reimbursements and provide a variety of reporting options. Although the mechanics of the program are simple, it can have a dramatic impact on the efficiency and cost of an organization's procurement and accounts payable processes.

Please review the Purchase Card Manual byclicking here.

P-Card Application Form
Please use one of these forms to apply for a P-Card.

Click herefor a P-Card Application Form (Departmental Accounts)

Click herefor a P-Card Application Form (Research Accounts)

All P-Card statements should be submitted to Procurement Services in a timely manner, by the 10th day of the month succeeding the statement (i.e. the April 4th to May 3rd statement should be submitted by June 10th). If for any reason you will be unable to submit your P-Card statements on time please contact Procurement Services. If not all supporting documentation is available to be submitted by the submission deadline for a statement, the statement and corresponding forms should be filed on time with a note indicating what receipt is missing, why it is missing, and when it is expected to be received.

All statements should be submitted with appropriate one-over-one approval and with all supporting original, itemized receipts.

The following forms are available, and to be used for all Travel, Meeting, and/or Hospitality Expenses charged to your P-Card:

P-Card Travel Expense Report

Used for reimbursement for travel expenses charged to a P-Card. Complete page 2 first. Information will then automatically populate on page 1. This form needs to be completed to record all travel expenses incurred during the period and submitted with the cardholder's monthly statement.

Click herefor a P-Card Travel Expense Form

P-Card Meeting and Hospitality Expense Report
When a P-Card is used to pay for meeting or hospitality expenses, a P-Card Meeting and Hospitality Expense Report should be completed and submitted with the Purchase Card bank statement and all original receipts to Procurement Services.

Click herefor a P-Card Meeting and Hospitality Expense Report.

A University P-Card should not be used for personal expenses under ANY circumstances.

Research Participants

Subjects participating in research studies can be paid for their time.

Research Participant Advance Request

Researchers may request payment prior to the study by submitting the Research Participant AdvanceRequestform to Accounts Payable with a copy of the Ethics Approval Letter. Upon the completion of running the study the Researcher must submit the Research Participant Advance Reconciliation form.

Research Participant Advance Reconciliation

The Research Participant Advance Reconciliation form can be used to reconcile an advance or to request payment when no advance was made. Researchers must submit receipts, or a form, containing the signatures of individuals who have received payment with the reconciliation form. In cases where the Informed Consent Statement promises anonymity and/or confidentiality, the research must submit a copy of the Informed Consent Statement and the appropriate claim form testifying that he/she has paid research participants, giving details.

Finance Software

Laurier uses Millennium FAST (fast administration support tool) as its financial support tool for faculty and staff. Millennium FAST is a web-based tool that interacts with Laurier's accounting system, Banner. It uses an intuitive user interface for easier manipulation and presentation.

Millennium Finance Reporting can be used to view actual financial data, with comparisons to budgets, for departmental and research accounts. It is a data warehouse that is updated once daily with information from Banner, therefore any adjustment made during the current day will not be viewable until the following day. Banner is updated in real-time.

Millennium FAST can be accessed at this link and it is recommended that users either bookmark the page or create a short cut to the page on their desktop. Millennium FAST uses the same user name and password as Banner.

There are several modules within Millennium FAST and not all faculty and staff will have access to all of them. Training documents on how to use the various modules can be found in the Document section of the Financial Resources website.