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November 27, 2015
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Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Appointment of Community Pastor Announced

May 16/14


The Rev. Dr. Mark Harris , (519) 884-0710 (Ext. 3493),

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary is pleased to announce that the Rev. Anne Anderson has accepted a call to serve in the new position of Community Pastor that has been established at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.  She is currently concluding her ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church, New Hamburg.

Pastor Anderson’s ministry will seek “to foster the growth of a grace-centered faith community that is deliberately missional in its orientation. “ Reaching out to the campus and surrounding area, this emergent community will explore what it means to be a worshipping, learning, serving network with a priority on nurturing the faith of youth and young adults.

Pastor Anderson’s appointment grows out of the recognition that many of the traditional approaches to ministry among youth and young adults are simply no longer effective. “The noted Canadian sociologist, Reginald Bibby, has noted that a majority of Canadian youth identify themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’, thus having little interest in traditional expressions of church.” notes Mark Harris, Asst. Professor of Functional Theology and Chair of the WLS Advisory Committee that will guide this project. “Is it any wonder that the majority of pastors and congregations are struggling to find means of effectively engaging with a younger constituency?”

Pastor Anderson is well suited to help the Seminary and church to explore a way forward.  She is a graduate of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (2006) and has served on the pastoral team at Trinity Lutheran Church in New Hamburg for the last eight years.  Anne has extensive experience in the area of ministry with youth and young adults, having served on the Eastern Synod youth gathering committee, been involved in national youth gatherings with speaking and music leadership, and serving on the board of the Edgewood Camp and Conference Centre. She has also been a member of the WLS Board of Governors.

“She brings a passion for youth engagement and experience with an emergent understanding of the faith community,” remarked David Pfrimmer, Principal-Dean. “Her leadership in the development of an emergent, faith community will also provide opportunity for the Seminary and the wider church to discover new means of understanding and responding to the faith needs of youth and young adults. “

Pastor Anderson’s ministry will commence on July 1st. It is being funded in partnership with the Missions Committee of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, supported by the Eastern Synod, is one of two theological schools of the 190,000-member Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada and is a federated college of Wilfrid Laurier University.

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