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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
February 12, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Dr. Eva Plach

Associate Professor
Modern Europe; Poland; Gender and Women's History

Contact Information
Phone: 519 884 0710 ext.3770

Office Location: Dr. Alvin Woods Building 4-136

Academic Background

BA, Toronto
MA, Carleton
PhD, Toronto

Academic Interests

Modern west and east European history; Polish history; Polish-Jewish history; Comparative history of women and gender; Post-1945 Europe.

Recent Publications


The Clash of Moral Nations:Cultural Politics in Pilsudski's Poland, 1926-1935 (Ohio University Press,Polish and Polish-American Studies Series, 2006; rpt. 2014)


"Ritual Slaughter and Animal Welfare in Interwar Poland", East European Jewish Affairs (2015).

"Mad Dogs and Animal Protectionists: Rabies in Interwar Poland", Canadian Slavonic Papers LV: 3-4 (Sept.-Dec. 2013): 391-416.

"The Animal Welfare Movement in Interwar Poland", The Polish Review 57: 2 (June 2012): 21-43.

"Introducing Miss Judaea 1929: The Politics of Beauty, Race and Zionism in Inter-War Poland", Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, vol. 20, 2008, pp. 368-391.

"Feminism and Nationalismon the Pages of Ewa: Tygodnik, 1928-1933", Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, vol. 18,2005, pp. 241-262.

"`Botticelli Woman': Rachel Singer and the Jewish Theme in Stanislaw Wyspianski's The Wedding (1901)", The Polish Review XLI: 3 (Fall 1996): 309-327.

Book Reviews

Review of Izabela Filipiak, Obszary odmienno?ci: Rzecz o Marii Komornickiej (Gdask: wydawnictwo s?owo / obraz terytoria, 2006), in Slavic Review 68: 1 (Spring 2009): 151-152.

Review of Theodore Weeks, From Assimilation to Antisemitism: The "Jewish Question" in Poland, 1850-1914 (DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2006), in Canadian-American Slavic Studies 43: 3/4 (2009).

Review of Sean Martin, Jewish Life in Cracow, 1918-1939 (London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2004), in East European Jewish Affairs 36: 2 (December 2006): 236-238.

Review of Peter D. Stachura,Poland, 1918-1945. An Interpretive and Documentary History of the Second Republic (Routledge 2004), Canadian Slavonic Papers 47: 3-4 (Sept.-Dec. 2005): 241-262.

Review of Katherine Jolluck, Exile and Identity: Polish Women in the Soviet Union During World War II (Pittsburgh 2002), Canadian Slavonic Papers XLIV: 3-4 (September-December 2002): 338-339.

Review of Peter D. Stachura, Poland in the Twentieth Century (London 1999), Slavonic and East European Review 78: 4 (October 2000): 790-792.

Review of Kobieta i kultura zycia codziennego. Wiek XIX i XX. (Woman and the Culture of Everyday Life. The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries), eds. Anna Zarnowska and Andrzej Szwarc. Vol. 5. (Warsaw 1997), Slavonic and East European Review (April 1999): 355-356.


Andrzej Wierzbicki, "Wladyslaw Smolenski", trans. Eva Plach, in Nation and History: Pioneer Historians of Modern Poland, 1795-1939, eds. Peter Brock, John Stanley and Piotr Wrobel (University of Toronto Press, 2005).