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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
April 23, 2014
Canadian Excellence
Professor Milo Sweedler

Dr. Milo Sweedler

Associate Professor of French, Director of Program in Cultural Analysis & Social Theory

Contact Information
Phone: (519) 884-0710 ext. 3002

Office Location: BA425
Office Hours: Thursday 10:00 - 11:00 am or by appointment
Languages Spoken


Academic Background

BA Binghamton University, DEA Université Paris VIII, PhD Emory University


Research Interests:

Continental political theory, theories of representation, modern and contemporary literature, modern and contemporary art, film history and criticism, the French avant-garde


The Dismembered Community: Bataille, Blanchot, Leiris, and the Remains of Laure. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2009. Print.

Selected Recent Publications:

“The End of the World of the End: Lars von TrierMelancholia and Political Theory.” A Critical Approach to the Apocalypse. Ed. Alexandra Simon-López and Heidi Yeandle. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2013: 175-84. e-Book.

“Au nom du peuple: Rancière et la subjectivation politique.” Imaginaires 12 (2012): 59-70. Print.

The Poison and the Cure – Experiments in Political Theology: Critchley’s The Faith of the Faithless.” Theory & Event 15:3 (2012). Web <>.

De la terreur considérée comme un des Beaux-Arts. Penser la Terreur. Ed. Bruno Chaouat. Dijon: Éditions Universitaires de Dijon, 2009: 297-307. Print.

“Tabula Rasa: Blanchot and the Terror.” French Literature Series 35 (2008): 95-103. Print.

“Bare Life from Auschwitz to Guantánamo Bay.” The Camp: Narratives of Internment and Exclusion. Ed. Colman Hogan and Marta Marín-Dòmine. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007: 135-51. Print. 

“La lecture honteuse: lire Thomas l’obscur.” Lire, écrire la honte. Ed. Bruno Chaouat. Passages. Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon, 2007: 397-407. Print.

“The Politics of Sacrifice: Mel Gibson and Georges Bataille.” Intertexts 11:2 (2007): 57-71. Print.

“From the Sacred Conspiracy to the Unavowable Community: Bataille, Blanchot and Laure’s Le Sacré.” French Studies 59 (July 2005): 338-50. Print.

“Autohagiography: The Écrits de Laure.” Dalhousie French Studies 71 (Summer 2005): 65-73. Print.

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