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August 3, 2015
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Anthropology at Laurier is a unique program in Canada. It specializes in researching and teaching the ethnography of the contemporary world.

Hello Everyone!

With the warm days of Summer sunshine having finally arrived, a host of changes have and are still to take place within Anthropology at Laurier. Most important of all, there was the June Convocation which witnessed the graduation of the latest group of wonderful Anthropology students. Of special mention in conjunction with this ceremony must be Felicia Clement, a Combined Major in Anthropology and Global Studies who followed her May acceptance of the 2014 Gold Medal for Anthropology with the Faculty of Arts Gold Medal as well. Congratulations Felicia! For me, this was a particularly poignant ceremony given that at the end of the month I will be rotating out of the administration of the program in order to go on sabbatical, as well as handing over the reins of leadership to Natasha Pravaz. I know that everyone will support Natasha as they have supported me over the last four years, and look forward to her lead in instituting the programmatic innovations that we have been planning together.

I initially accepted the post of Acting Chair of Anthropology in 2010 and then the Department’s Chair in 2011, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the innumerable colleagues who supported my role in their own ways. From within Anthropology, full-time colleagues Natasha Pravaz, Tanya Richardson, Magda Kazubowski-Houston, Anne Brydon, Anne-Marie Colpron and Amali Philips - as well as CAS stalwarts such as Vic Gulewitsch and Jennifer Long. Our trio of Professors Emeritus: Laird Christie, Mathias Guenther and Andrew Lyons. The long line of administrative angels featuring Cindi Wieg, Gwen Bisset, Eveline Escoto, Lori Lougheed, Sandra Dalpe né Castellanos , Lori Lougheed and Eva Dabrowska.Anthropology program coordinating committee members Peter Eglin, John Triggs, John Laband, Alison Mountz and Blaine Chiasson. In addition, Mike Carroll and the staff of the Dean’s Office, as well as academic and administrative colleagues throughout the Faculty who I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with at Dean’s Advisory Council meetings, on so many committees, and in conjunction with other administrative activities. There is also a host of wonderful students to acknowledge here, for Anthropology at Laurier has been blessed with year after year of some of the most committed, engaged and passionate students that I have ever had the privilege of teaching and working with. Thank you all.

Of course, looking backwards invites a sightline forwards, so it is with distinct expectation that I plan to spend much of my sabbatical time quietly engaged in writing from my office. I may not be in daily as in the past, but don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello if you are around!

With very best Summer wishes,

André Czeglédy
June 2014

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