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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
November 25, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Charles Levkoe

Post Doctoral Fellow - Georaphy & Environmental Studies

Contact Information

Academic Background
PhD, University of Toronto, 2013.  

MES, York University, 2004.
Ba, Hon., McMaster University, 1998.

Additional Information

Current Research

  • The Antinomies of Non-Wage Labour in Ontario’s Agricultural Sector and the Alternative Food Movement
  • Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE)
  • Engendering a resilient food system: a comparative study of food networks in Canada and the United Kingdom


  • Planning for Change: Community Development in Practice (graduate course at University of Toronto)
  • Global Food System (3rd year course at University of Toronto)
  • Environment, Food and People (1st year course at University of Toronto)

Select Publications

Levkoe, C. (2014). The Food Movement in Canada: A Social Movement Network Perspective. Journal of Peasant Studies 41 (3): 1-19.

Levkoe, C. (2014). Lauren E. Baker: Corn meets maize—food movements and markets in Mexico. Agriculture and Human Values. Online.

Levkoe, C., and Wakefield, S. (2014). Understanding Contemporary Networks of Environmental and Social Change: Complex Assemblages within Canada’s “Food Movement.” Environmental Politics 23 (2): 302-320.

Levkoe, C., and Schiff, R. (2013). Le mouvement pour la sécurité alimentaire. Nouveaux Cahiers du socialism 9 hiver.

Levkoe, C. (2012). No Local: Why Small-Scale Alternatives Won’t Change the World. Book Review. Journal of Socialist Studies 8 (2): 252-255.

Levkoe, C. (2012). Food Sovereignty in Canada: Creating Just and Sustainable Food Systems. Book Review. Journal of Peasant Studies 40 (1): 293-297.

Levkoe, C., and Devila, C. (2012). Canadian Food Networks Map. In: D. Jensen and M. Roy (eds.). Food: An Atlas.  The Cartography and GIS Education Lab, Geography Department, University of California at Berkeley.

Levkoe, C. (2011). Towards a Transformative Food Politics. Local Environment 16 (7): 687-705.

Levkoe, C. (2011). Propagating the Food Movement. Briarpatch 40 (5): 19-21.

Levkoe, C., and Wakefield, S. (2011). The Community Food Centre: Creating Space for a Just, Sustainable and Healthy Food System. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development 2 (1): 249-268.

Levkoe, C., and Stephens, A. (2009). From School Meal Programs to Food Citizenship: Doing Food at George Harvey Collegiate Institute. In: C. Palassio, and A. Wilcox (eds.). The Edible City: Toronto's Food from Farm to Fork. Toronto: Coach House Books. 

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Levkoe, C. (2003). Widening the Approach to Food Insecurity: The Stop Community Food Centre. The Canadian Review of Social Policy 52: 128-132.