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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
May 23, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Social Entrepreneurship in Laurier’s Faculty of Arts

The Social Entrepreneurship Option has three pillars: deeper appreciation of the world’s urgent problems, self-understanding, and entrepreneurial expertise. First, the problems facing humanity are increasingly complex. Sustainable solutions require broad knowledge and critical engagement. Second, those who seek to help others must start by appreciating their own strengths, motivation, and worldview. Third, sound business skills, such as organizational administration, financial management, strategic planning, market analysis and fundraising, are needed to manage sustainable ventures needed to make social change.

An option is an academic specialization that is less intensive than a major, and can effectively be added to a major (e.g., Global Studies major, with a Social Entrepreneurship option). Options and majors both appear on a student’s transcript and degree. This one includes local and international placements, and core courses taken from first year through fourth.