Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
February 8, 2016

Canadian Excellence


  • Bring photo identification to each exam, preferably your OneCard.
  • No electronic or communication devices will be allowed in the examination room, including cellphones, Blackberries, iPods, pagers, and USBs.
  • If you have questions for your instructor during a test or exam, please advise the proctor and we will make every effort to contact your instructor.
  • If you are scheduled to write before the rest of your class begins the test, University policy requires that you stay in the room until 30 minutes after the rest of the class has started.
  • Should you become ill during an exam, inform the proctor. If you are unsure about your health before you begin an exam, DO NOT open the exam envelope.


Eveningstart times for final exams mayneed to be adjusted depending onyour accommodations (notably theamount of extra time allotted). Please check the schedule at least 24 hrs prior to your exam date.