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October 31, 2014

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All Graduates - Job Responsibilities - Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

published: 20-Nov-2006 †† PDF (436kb) †† Job_Responsibilities_-_Graduate_Teaching_Assistantship_(for_posting).pdf

This form is used to describe the duties to be fulfilled during one (1) Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA). One full GTA comprises 130 hours so the total hours accounted for on this form must equal 130 for a full GTA.

Be advised that the Teaching Assistant is expected to proctor the final exam when assigned to courses that include a final exam. TAs must consequently be available during the university's final examination schedule (see "Academic and related dates" in the current academic calendar).

The form must be completed and signed. Questions can be directed to Graduate Studies.

Submission Deadlines for 2014-15:

August 15, 2014: signed TA (employment) contracts and TA Job Responsibilities forms due in FGPS for continuing students

September 5, 2014: signed TA (employment) contracts and TA Job Responsibilities forms due for incoming students

Additionally, any TA (employment) contracts and TA Job Responsibility Forms that are received after September 22, 2014 (final submission date for the first TA payment on October 2) will result in a delay in the studentís pay (see student payroll schedule)

updated July 02/14