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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Enrolment Services
March 31, 2015

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Request for Readmission to the Faculty of Arts/Science/Brantford

Regulations for Students Returning from a 'Must Withdraw Status'

Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science and Laurier Brantford

  1. You must be absent from the University for a period of one calendar year (12 months).
  2. To be considered for readmission, the Faculty requires that you undertake academic upgrading, equivalent to 2 (two) courses at a College with a minimum A- (80%) grade in each course. University courses with a B- (70%) grade in each may be accepted. These courses have to be of an academic nature, that is, similar to that offered by Laurier. Business courses will not be approved.

    Email Pat Young (Faculty of Science) or
    Lisa Hunt (Last name A to L - Faculty of Arts and Brantford programs) or
    Jenna Taylor (Last name M to Z - Faculty of Arts and Brantford programs)
    for readmission information and pre-approval of the college or university courses.

  3. Once the courses are complete, an official transcript must be requested from the College and sent directly to the Registrar's Office at Laurier.
  4. You must submit to the Registrar's Office, the Request for Readmission form (below):
    - outlining the faculty/program you wish to enter (or re-enter)
  5. A readmission statement containing the reasons for your previous academic performance,
    - why you wish to attend Laurier,
    - why you think you will now be more successful academically,
    - and details concerning your activities or work experience since your last attendance at Laurier.
    Please note that medical reasons must be accompanied by supporting documentation from your treating physician.
  6. Readmission is granted at the discretion of the Faculty and is NOT guaranteed.
  7. If readmitted, you will be placed on Academic Probation and you must successfully complete 2.0 credits (or equivalent) by part-time study only with a GPA of 5.00 (C) within two years, but may only register in two half-credit courses (or equivalent) per term. You are limited to 4.0 credits (or equivalent) until academic probation can be cleared. No failures are allowed during the probation period. A meeting with the Associate Dean will be required to proceed to full-time. After completing this probation you must meet all program requirements as listed in the Undergraduate Calendar.


  1. You are strongly advised to make an appointment with an academic advisor in your department or the Associate Dean to discuss the above requirements and future plans.
  2. Deadlines for submission of ALL DOCUMENTS and TRANSCRIPTS -- minimum 30 days prior to the beginning of term you wish to enrol.


Pat Young
Academic Program Administrator II
Office of the Registrar
519 884-0710, ext. 6356

Jenna Taylor
Academic Program Administrator II
519 884-0710, ext. 6479

Lisa Hunt
Academic Program Administrator II
519 884-1970, ext. 4703

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