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February 13, 2016

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Student Payroll Form for IA, Proctors and Markers

published: 20-Nov-2012 PDF (218kb) IA_Form_Fillable_July_2013.pdf

Student Payroll Form to be used for Instructional Assistants, Proctors and Markers

Completion instructions
Select the Faculty or School - This is used to define the job number assigned to the student employee
Student Personal information - The student completes this section with the required information
Employment Information- Select the section that applies to the position. Choose the applicable rate and term.
One time payment - enter the date the work was performed in the From - To section
Enter the total number of hours worked
Complete the Index and select I.A. , Proctor or Marker
Contractual - enter the start and end date in the From - To section
Enter the number of hours /week, or the total hours/term and also enter the total value of the Stipend
Payroll will divide the number of hours equally over the dates provided in the From - To section
Complete the Index and select I.A. , Proctor or Marker
Course or Lab # or Course # and Section - For reference by you and the student employee
Authorizing signatures - Must be signed by Course/Lab Co-ordinator, Department Head, Chair or Administrative employee as well as the student employee

updated December 18/14