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February 13, 2016
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Languages and Literatures

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Title Form Type Authors
2016 German Senior (gr. 11/12) High School Contest Application form Online Online Form Languages & Literatures Dept
Application to Graduate External External Registrar's Office
Cheque Requisition, NEW PDF PDF (24k) Payroll
Cross-Registration form - UofW courses External External Registrar's Office
Deposit form XLS XLS (21k) Business Office
Direct Deposit Pay Authorization PDF PDF (128k) Payroll Dept.
Engagement Letter - Honorariums PDF PDF (23k) WLU - Faculty Department
IA agreement form External External Languages & Literatures Dept
IA Contract PDF PDF (218k) Languages & Literatures Dept
Letter of Permission Request Form (LOP) PDF PDF (84k) Office of the Registrar
Override Request Online Online Form Languages & Literatures Department
Program Selection form External External Registrar's Office
Purchase Requisition form External External Finance
Research Participant Advance Request PDF PDF (19k) Financial Resources
Research Participant Reimbursement PDF PDF (19k) Financial Resources
Room Booking Request *for Languages&Literatures members only* Online Online Form Languages & Literatures Dept.
Scheduling - Faculty Preferences form External External Faculty of Arts
Student Authorization for Hire External External Payroll Dept
Student Time Sheet PDF PDF (81k) Payroll Dept.
Travel Advance Request PDF PDF (24k) Financial Services
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View all Languages and Literatures forms