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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
September 1, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Faculty Listing

Health Studies

Laurier Brantford
73 George Street
Brantford, ON, N3T 2Y3
Phone: (519) 756-8228 x5563
Fax: 519.759.2127

Brozowski, Dr. Kari
Associate Professor, Health Studies and Health Administration
Gawley, Dr. Tim
Associate Professor, Health Studies
Godderis, Dr. Rebecca
Program Coordinator, Society, Culture, and Environment (formerly Contemporary Studies); Associate Professor, Society, Culture, and Environment & Health Studies - On Sabbatical, 2015-2016
LeClair, Dr. James A.
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Health Studies
McLaughlin, Dr. Janet
Assistant Professor, Health Studies; Research Associate, International Migration Research Centre (IMRC), WLU (on leave)
McMurray, Dr. Josephine
Assistant Professor (Business Technology Management/Health Studies)
Monaghan, Dr. Richelle
Assistant Professor, Health Studies
Rossiter, Dr. Kate
Assistant Professor, Health Studies