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April 24, 2014
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Faculty/Staff Listing

Political Science

Alvin Woods Building, Rm 4-120
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5
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Political Science
Political Science listed alphabetically by Department

Full-time Faculty

Alcantara, Dr. Christopher
Associate Professor
Anderson, Dr. Chris
Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Broschek, Dr. Jörg
Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance
Brown, Dr. Andrea M
Associate Professor, Political Science / Women & Gender Studies Program Coordinator / Graduate Faculty Balsillie School of International Affiars
Edgar, Dr. Alistair
Executive Director, Academic Council on the UN System (ACUNS)
Goff, Dr. Patricia
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science; Director, PhD in Global Governance
Guzina, Dr. Dejan
Associate Professor and Chair
Hall, Dr. Derek
Associate Professor
Heine, Dr. Jorge
Professor; CIGI Chair in Global Governance; Cross Appointment at the Balsillie School of International Affairs
Howard-Hassmann, FRSC, Rhoda
Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights (2003); Professor, Department of Global Studies and Balsillie School of International Affairs
Hueglin, Dr. Thomas O.
Kay, Dr. Barry (On sabbatical Leave, Winter 2014)
Associate Professor
King, Dr. Loren
Associate Professor
Mahon, Rianne (On sabbatical Leave, 2013-14)
Professor of Political Science; CIGI Chair in Comparative & Social Policy
Perrella (On sabbatical Leave, 2013-14), Dr. Andrea
Associate Professor and Director of LISPOP
Roy, Dr. Jason
Assistant Professor
Rygiel, Dr. Kim
Assistant Professor and Graduate Officer
Shamsie, Dr. Yasmine
Associate Professor
Tanguay, Dr. Brian
VanNijnatten, Dr. Debora (On sabbatical Leave, 2013-14)
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science; North American Studies Program

Administrative Staff

Palmer, Sherry
Senior Administrative Assistant
Vogel, Heather
Administrative Assistant, Political Science and North American Studies

Contract Academic Staff

Brown, Prof. Susan
Contract Academic Staff
Chapman, Dr. Debra
Contract Academic Staff
Darling, Ray
Diggle, Mr. Justin
Contract Academic Staff
Finn, Prof. Melissa
Contract Academic Staff
Klodner, Phaedra
Contract Academic Staff
Lochead, Dr. Karen
Contract Academic Staff
Rampersad, Prof. Asha
Contract Academic Staff
Rose, Thomas
Stevens, Prof. Geoffrey
Contract Academic Staff
Yaniszewski, Dr. Mark
Contract Academic Staff

Postdoctoral Fellow

Grundy, Dr. John
Postdoctoral Fellow

Professors Emeriti

Brown, Dr. Steven
Associate Professor Emeritus
McMenemy, Dr. John
Professor Emeritus
Miljan, Dr. Toivo
Professor Emeritus
Preece, Dr. Rod
Professor Emeritus