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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Enrolment Services
May 26, 2015

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Faculty/Staff Listing

Office of Enrolment Services

202 Regina St. N. - Second Floor
Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5
Phone: 519.884.0710
Fax: 519.884.8826

Bell, Joanne
Sr Administrative Assistant to Registrar & Assoc. Editor, Undergraduate Calendar (on medical leave)
Casey, Jennifer
Acting Assistant Vice President: Enrolment Services
Harris, Scott
Associate Registrar: Student Records & Services
MacNeil, Ms. Ruth
Acting University Registrar

Office of Enrolment Services
Office of Enrolment Services listed alphabetically by Department

Examinations, Scheduling & Bookings

Alisat, Ms. Susan
Scantron/Exam Clerk; Instructor, Psychology
Beaupre, Joanne
Examination Clerk
Bell, Jessica
Booking & Exam Specialist: Final & Online Learning Final Exams
Ibrahim, Marlene
Associate Registrar: Examinations & Scheduling
Renaud, Lyne
Timetabling Specialist
Snyder, Anne
Examination & Scantron Co-ordinator

Records & Registration

Barfoot, Melody
Cross Registration/Communications Assistant
Brown, Richard
Information Specialist/Data Entry (to January 2015)
DeWitte Fairless, Martha
Mail/File Clerk
Harris, Scott
Associate Registrar: Student Records & Services
Hosein, Khaleel
Academic Program Administrator I
Hunt, Lisa
Academic Program Administrator II
Kinahan, Jodi
Registration Systems Administrator
Lewis, Julie
Information Specialist/Data Entry (to August 2015)
Taylor, Jenna
Academic Program Administrator II (to August 2015)
Watson, Marilyn
Functional Analyst - Enrolment Services Project Team IT (to August 2015)
Wong, Sarah
Academic Program Administrator
Young, Pat
Academic Program Administrator II

Service Laurier

Axford, Karen
Service Laurier Advisor (to February 2015)
Carter, Joanne
Service Laurier Advisor
Hamilton, Teresa
Service Laurier Advisor
Martins, Necia
Manager, Service Laurier
Neufeld, Amy
Service Laurier Advisor (on leave to January 2015)
Osborne, Lauren
Service Laurier Advisor
Parris, Bridget
Service Laurier Advisor
Zybala, Lori
Service Laurier Advisor

Student Awards

Bolton, Catherine
Account Administrator
Duyvestyn, Monica
Financial Aid Administrator
Hainsworth, Mary-Jane
Financial Aid Administrator
Hauck, Christine
Financial Assistant II
Helmond, Nancy
Scholarship Officer
Mullin, Sylvia
Financial Aid Administrator
Woodburn, Pamela
Acting Associate Registrar: Awards (to October 2014)