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December 1, 2015

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Laurier Biology Seminar Series - Friday Dec 4, 2015

Dr. J. Baltzer

published: 2008 | Presentation | Research Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Carol Bucking, York University
Topic: The Ceca of Trout: Updating Aristotle on a Fishy Organ
Time: 3:30 4:30 p.m., Reception to follow in N1046
Location: BA202

Associated with the gastrointestinal tract of slightly more than half of known fish species are blind-ended projections from the intestine known as pyloric ceca. The number of ceca present varies between species even within the same genus, between carnivores and herbivores, and between individuals of the same species and over life history stages. Original hypotheses on the function of the ceca revolved around nutrient absorption, fermentation, and food storage. Both fermentation and storage have been disproved as functions but the role in digestion and more importantly absorption is becoming clearer. Recent investigations have implicated the ceca in salt and water balance in fish, as well as bicarbonate excretion and phosphorous uptake. Our current work is focusing on the role of the ceca in ammonia and sodium transport both during exposure to ion-poor water and digestion. Overall, the ceca may represent a morphological adaptation that is responsive at the molecular, biochemical, and tissue level to changes in the environment and diet.

All are welcome to attend.


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