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February 11, 2016

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Laurier Biology Seminar Series - Friday Feb 5, 2016

Dr. J. Baltzer

published: 2008 | Presentation | Research Seminar

Speaker:† Dr. Gary Burness, Trent University
Topic:††††† The Role of Environmental Effects in Shaping Avian Morphology and Physiology
Time:††† †† 3:30 Ė 4:30 p.m., Reception to follow in N1046
Location:† BA202

Within a population there exists variation among individuals in physiological traits. There is increasing recognition that the rearing environment, including that experienced prenatally, can contribute to this variation. Using captive Japanese quail, we have been exploring the role that temperature, experienced either pre- or post-natally, has on an individualís growth rates and thermal physiology. To our surprise, we have found that effects can be long lasting, and influence adult energy expenditure. Using wild birds we have been testing whether maternally-derived antibodies, transferred to offspring via egg yolk, influence nestling metabolic rate and capacity to mount an immune response. Effects are detectable at the fledgling stage, although we cannot yet track effects in adults. These experimental systems highlight the role that early environmental effects have on an individualís energy expenditure however, direct links with fitness remain to be shown.

All are welcome to attend.


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