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February 7, 2016

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2015 Aggregate Fluctuations, Consumer Credit and Bankruptcy PDFPDF (599k) D. Fieldhouse I. Livshits J. MacGee
2015 The Differential Effects of Malpractice Reform: Defensive Medicine in Obstetrics PDFPDF (291k) J. Cano-Urbina D. Montanera
2015 Imported Inputs, Irreversibility, and International Trade Dynamics PDFPDF (258k) A. Ramanarayanan
2015 Multidimensional Asymmetric Information, Adverse Selection, and Efficiency PDFPDF (337k) H. Bar-Isaac I. Jewitt C. Leaver
2015 International Financial Integration and Crisis Contagion PDFPDF (1.65MB) M.B. Devereux Changhua Yu
2015 Abstract - S. Kumar PDFPDF (29k) S. Kumar
2015 Abstract - J. Lam PDFPDF (29k) J. Lam
2015 Abstract - J. Loree PDFPDF (14k) J. Loree
2015 Abstract - K. Tweneboah Kodua PDFPDF (29k) K. Tweneboah Kodua
2015 Abstract - J. Wu PDFPDF (29k) J. Wu
2015 Goodwill Can Hurt: a Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Return Policies in Auctions PDFPDF (386k) C. Bram Cadsby N. Du R. Wang J. Zhang
2015 Up from Poverty? The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery and the Long-run Distribution of Wealth PDFPDF (1.81MB) H. Bleakley J. Ferrie
2015 Homophily, Group Size, and the Diffusion of Political Information in Social Networks: Evidence from Twitter PDFPDF (654k) Y. Halberstam B. Knight Economics
2015 Abstract - Z. Deng PDFPDF (28k) Z. Deng
2015 Abstract - J. Fudurich PDFPDF (28k) J. Fudurich
2015 Abstract - N. Shankar PDFPDF (28k) N. Shankar
2015 Abstract - W. Shi PDFPDF (28k) W. Shi
2015 Abstract - C. Stathopoulos PDFPDF (29k) C. Stathopoulos
2015 Abstract - A. Syed PDFPDF (28k) A. Syed
2015 Abstract - E. Vickers PDFPDF (28k) E. Vickers
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