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October 7, 2015
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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2015 Course Handbook, 2015-16 PDF PDF (428k) JB
2015 Writing for Career and Community Minor, 2015-16 PDF PDF (37k) JB
2015 English Minor Worksheet 2015 PDF PDF (33k) JB
2015 Honours English Program Worksheet 2015 PDF PDF (55k) JB
2015 Combined Honours English Worksheet 2015 PDF PDF (54k) JB
2015 Specialization Area Exam Regulations PDF PDF (18k) EN/FS
2012 Comprehensive Area Exam Regulations PDF PDF (17k) Dr. T. MacDonald
2007 GRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANT GUIDE FALL 2007 PDF PDF (67k) English & Film Studies Dept.
2007 Exam Procedures & Regulations-Presiding Officer Duties-Proctor's Duties PDF PDF (26k) Examinations
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