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July 27, 2016

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Learning and Organizational Development

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2016 Collective Learning Guide PDFPDF (1.25MB) Departments who offer training
2015 Learning Guide. Accessible Document. 2015-2016 DOCDOC (303k) HR
2015 Learning Guide 2015-2016 PDFPDF (1.58MB) HR
2013 Toastmasters Application Form PDFPDF (1.15MB) L&OD
2013 Toastmasters Schedule DOCDOC (32k) L&OD
2013 Toastmasters Executive Roles PDFPDF (59k) L&OD
2013 Learning Guide 2013 PDFPDF (5.62MB) Human Resources
2013 Appreciative Inquiry Brochure PDFPDF (2.46MB) .
2013 Appreciative Inquiry Workbook PDFPDF (948k) .
2012 L&OD E-Learn PDFPDF (2.63MB) HR
2012 Volunteer Hours PDFCan't determine type HR
2012 Learning Plan DOCDOC (39k) HR
2011 Making Strengths-Based Development Work PDFPDF (38k) Jim Asplund and Nikki Blacksmith (Gallup Management Journal)
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