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July 25, 2016

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Cultural Analysis and Social Theory - MA Program

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2016 MRP Guidelines DOCDOC (45k) Sandra Dalpe
2016 MRP guidelines as at February 2016 DOCDOC (37k) Sandra Dalpe
2015 Dr. Todd May Guest lecture DOCDOC (337k) Sandra Dalpe
2014 Mini-Conference Program PPTXPPTX (502k) Milo Sweedler
2014 Student Handbook 2014-2015 PDFPDF (229k) Sandra Dalpe
2014 Jodi Dean PDFPDF (519k) Milo Sweedler
2013 Dr. Robyn Wiegman: "Times We're In: Queer Feminist Criticism and the Reparative Turn" PDFPDF (140k) Sandra Dalpe
2013 Colloquium Schedule 2013-2014 DOCDOC (133k) Sandra Dalpe
2013 MA in CAST presents Dr. Robyn Wiegman PDFPDF (140k) Sandra Dalpe
2013 CQ631 Course Outline Winter 2013 PDFPDF (305k) Dr. Herbert Pimlott
2012 CQ601 Mini Conference Poster PDFPDF (139k) Milo Sweedler
2012 CQ601 Mini Conference program PDFPDF (47k) Milo Sweedler
2012 Colloquium Schedule Winter 2013 PDFPDF (14k) Sandra Dalpe
2012 Student Handbook 2012-2013 PDFPDF (161k) Sandra Castellanos
2012 CQ641 Course Outline Fall 2012 PDFPDF (201k) Patricia Elliot
2011 CAST presents Dr. Patricia T. Clough PDFPDF (246k) Sandra Castellanos
2011 Lecture by Dr. Ann Stoler PDFPDF (210k) Sandra Castellanos
2007 09/10 MA in CAST Student Handbook DOCDOC (115k) Dr. Jasmin Zine
View all Cultural Analysis and Social Theory - MA Program documents