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August 20, 2014
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2014 If A Class Is Full, How Do I Put My Name On The Waitlist? PDF PDF (20k) J. Drowns
2014 What Courses Do I Have To Take In 2nd, 3rd, And 4th Year? PDF PDF (20k) J. Drowns
2014 How Do I Switch To Honours Sociology? PDF PDF (20k) J. Drowns
2013 Careers For Sociology Majors PDF PDF (20k) J. Drowns
2013 Appendix G: Roster Application Form PDF PDF (971k) J. Drowns
2013 Newsletter 2013 PDF PDF (1.12MB) S. Dalpe
2012 Essay Writing Guidelines PDF PDF (121k) J. Drowns
2012 How to Use Waitlisting PDF PDF (261k) J. Drowns
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