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September 30, 2014
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Global Studies

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Pub. date Title File Type Authors
2014 Global Studies is Hiring Two Instructional Assistants for GS 101 PDF PDF (435k) Dr. Sara Matthews
2014 Program Learning Outcomes PDF PDF (115k) Dr. Timothy Donais and full-time faculty of the Department of Global Studies
2014 What is the Global Studies Experience? PPTX PPTX (10.09MB) Dr. Sheri Gibbings
2014 Global Engagement Evening PDF PDF (613k) Dr. Alex Latta
2014 Adele Slater Award Application Form 2014 PDF PDF (80k) Department of Global Studies
2013 Project Ploughshares Winter 2014 ACR Internship PDF PDF (265k) Project Ploughshares
2013 201309 GS 323 Syllabus (Dreher) PDF PDF (2.58MB) Dr. Sabine Dreher
2013 201309 GS 311 Syllabus (Ejobowah) PDF PDF (254k) Dr. John Ejobowah
2013 201309 GS 340D Syllabus (Khan) PDF PDF (163k) Dr. Shahnaz Khan
2013 201309 GS 340F Syllabus (Richardson) PDF PDF (163k) Dr. Tanya Richardson
2013 201309 GS 340G Syllabus (Pries) PDF PDF (613k) Dr. Edmund Pries
2013 201309 GS 351 Syllabus (Latta) PDF PDF (881k) Dr. Alex Latta
2013 201309 GS 400G Syllabus - Two-Term Course (Sliwinski) PDF PDF (323k) Dr. Alicia Sliwinski
2013 201309 GS 405R Syllabus (Julie Young) PDF PDF (128k) Julie Young
2013 201309 GS 101 Syllabus (Matthews) PDF PDF (323k) Dr. Sara Matthews
2013 201309 GS 201 Syllabus (Team Taught: Ejobowah, Latta, Matthews) PDF PDF (135k) John Ejobowah, Alex Latta, Sara Matthews
2013 201309 GS 211 Syllabus (Sliwinski) PDF PDF (382k) Alicia Sliwinski
2013 201309 GS 232 Syllabus (Donais) PDF PDF (286k) Tim Donais
2013 "Is Israel an Apartheid State?" PDF PDF (345k) Dr. Rhoda Howard-Hassmann
2013 Positions in GSSA PDF PDF (382k) Sara Anderson, Director, GSSA
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